Groups & Resources For Adults

Our groups & resources for adults are here to enable the purpose of building community with one another and growing closer to God. The goal is to learn, love, and serve together, seeing God’s kingdom come now amongst our community. These groups & resources are the tools that help us do just that.


You are invited to our next Alpha. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. Each week our evening Alpha starts with a meal and relaxed conversation. Following the meal is a short talk or video exploring various aspects of the Christian faith. Then you can ask any question and discuss your opinions freely with others. Everyone is welcome, from those with no experience of the Christian faith through to those who want to gain a better understanding. You are warmly invited and would be most welcome. Contact Max Cross here for more information, or to book in for our next Alpha.

Home Groups

Small-Groups‘Home Groups’ are welcoming, informal groups where people can get to know one another and share their own ideas about life and faith. We learn together by looking into the Bible, praying and listening to each other’s ideas. We normally have some social events on the programme, too.

There are different groups, ranging in number from 5 to 12, some daytime and some evenings, all with their own style. If you are interested in joining a Home Group, please talk to Co-ordinator Linda Clist.


group-of-figures-725x544Our aim is to encourage an ever increasing ‘band of brothers’, men who watch out for each other. We take the mission Jesus has set seriously, we are committed to following Him wholeheartedly. We take ourselves less seriously enjoying some fun, and plenty of bacon together as we walk on this journey. We’ll help each other become better men, husbands, dads and mates by doing life together, creating a safe space for that. Friendship where disclosure is normal but challenge to change is accepted. Different things will happen throughout the year, but not so frequently that you’re never at home and not so sporadic that it’s like meeting with strangers! Come join us on the journey.

Bacon & Bible

mens-coffeeWhen: Third Saturday of the month at 10.00am.

Bacon & Bible is a monthly butty sandwich (yes there is a vegetarian option) and bible study. It takes place on the third Saturday of the month at 10am. Men are welcome to hang and chat for coffee afterwards, but if you want to be in and out you can be sure that coffee, breakfast and the study come in under the hour. This is a get serious time of study and prayer for men and men’s ministry here in the south. It’s not about taking ourselves too seriously, but about supporting one another to live life in a way that our God would want.

You are invited whether you attend SMM, another church, or no church at all.

Pastoral Care

handThe heart of pastoral care embodies our Church’s vision to express our love and care for one another; this is a shared and united ministry. In addition, we have a dedicated pastoral team who are trained to provide pastoral care for all members of the Church community. They come alongside those with pastoral and spiritual needs to listen, support, encourage, befriend and offer prayer. They encourage and nurture people in their relationship with God and those who are searching. They take Communion to those who are housebound and hold monthly Communion services in the local care homes. Two of our members also help with the children, young people and their families, providing pastoral oversight. Our pastoral co-ordinator can be contacted here.