Coronavirus: Covid-19

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(Updated 9 November 2020)
Services and meetings
During the pandemic we are streaming our services at (click here) at 10am each Sunday morning. We hope you will join us. The services remain on YouTube for two weeks.

Our building remains open each day for private prayer.

The Archbishops have called us to a month of prayer starting on 5th November (coinciding with the renewed national lockdown). We are encouraged to pray every day, particularly stopping to pray at 6pm for a few minutes in solidarity with others up and down the country.  We are further encouraged to fast in a way that is appropriate for each of us.  Please pray as you are led but in particular for our nation and our world, for health workers, those working in schools and other key workers, for breakthroughs in producing vaccines and treatments and for those who are hardest hit by the pandemic: poorer communities and those who have lost their jobs or been furloughed as well as the clinically vulnerable and bereaved.
Resources to help with prayer:-
From the Church of England there’s a suggested theme for each day of the week and prayers for each of the four weeks.  There are further links on this page to other resources including this printable prayer sheet.
From the Evangelical Alliance there are suggestions of ways to pray on the day of prayer here.
24-7 Prayer have produced a 60 minute prayer guide for the pandemic

For further suggestions of various prayer resources, including other services, please click here.

Community Support
We want to help as best we can. If you live locally and would like to offer practical help to someone, or if you would like to receive practical support or a phone call – someone to call to check that you are ok –   please email the church office (click here) or call us on 01730 302695. The church office is currently closed with our Administrator working from home, but the answer phone will be checked daily. We’d love to help if we can.

We are not yet a collection point for the food bank again but your donations are more needed than ever. They can be dropped off at the Nationwide Building Society (10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday) or the Methodist Church (10am to 12noon Mondays and Wednesdays) or in Tescos. Thank you for your generosity