GCSE Sanity Helper Week 2

Hi Everyone

I hope that you managed to get some rest and time off over the weekend and you feel a bit more alive as we start the week. As we continue our reflections this one is based on a poem from the bible. For some of you that might sound normal to others that might sound strange but I encourage you to listen to it and use it as a way to give yourself some space today if you aren’t comfortable with the word God when it is used feel free to replace it with the idea of all that the world provides for us.

You can listen to it here:

Green Grass, Peaceful Water Meditation

Enjoy and as always remember that you are amazing and loved, that you have loads of people behind you supporting you and praying for you and you have got this! I’m sure I’ll see you during the week but if you have anything, in particular, you would like prayer for/chat about I am always around to buy you some sort of smoothy cooler thing from Costa and listen to any anger, stress, confusion or just generally wanting to talk.

If there is any help that you need please do let me know.

Go Gently

David Loveless