Hi Everyone

One of the grand traditions of our youth groups is playing a game where we no someone can’t be trusted and we all think its each other and we have a big argument about it. (I’m sure this is a fine and healthy tradition to have…) If only there was some way to have the same effect online? Well as I’m sure you know there is with the game Among Us! So that’s what we are going to be playing this Saturday 16:00 – 17:30. If you haven’t played before it works a lot like the game mafia that we have played at SMART were there is an imposter and we have to guess who it is but it could be any of us! Among Us is a free app for Android, iOS and if you have Xbox Game Pass (you can also buy it for PC or game consoles but obviously that costs money) so don’t worry if you haven’t played before (I have twice and I was very bad at it!) The link for the zoom call we will be in while playing along with the room codes will be on our discord server and if you have any issues getting set up, let me know and I look forward to seeing you then!

God Bless

David Loveless