Hi Everyone

I have some really really exciting news (which you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post) this year we are able to do our annual Summer Camp in person at Cloncaird!!!

There are a bunch of things you need to know about all of this and how it’s going to work this year but the first thing you need to know is when it’s happening! This year we are running from the evening (1800) on the  23rd July (yes that’s a Friday more about that below) until just after lunch (1400) on the 25th July. So that’s when it’s happening but how is it going to work this year and what’s going on with that Friday evening start time well here is everything you need to know:

We start on a Friday evening now?

Sort of… it depends on your age. Some of you have asked in the past if we can have a camp that lasts more than one night so this year if you will be in Year 10 or above from September you are invited to join us on Friday evening for an extra session and night! This obviously something new we are trying hence the age limit but have some cool stuff planned for this so if you are able to come for it you definitely should do!

So we are allowed to camp then?

We are! The current restrictions mean we can stay over which is exciting but there will be some differences from previous years. Firstly we are asking people to bring their own tents and where possible if you are coming with your brothers/sisters to share a tent with them. (So will be lots of smaller tents rather than a couple of big ones.) If you don’t have a tent or don’t like the idea of being in one by yourself (if your the only one from your family coming) that’s not a problem we can share tents and we can sort something out so don’t let that stop you from camping! On the signup form (below) you can say if you need a tent and if you have any questions or concerns about this please do just in touch with me.

I don’t know how I feel about staying over right now can I come for just the day?

Of course you can! Like when we’ve done camp before you are always welcome to come along each day (or some of the days if you can’t do all of them) and not stay over for the night. Again there is an option on the form (below) for that just so we have a rough idea who is staying over but if you change your mind nearer the time that’s fine as well. Even if you want/are only able to come for part of just one day it would be great to see you. Whatever works best/feels most comfortable for you. 😊

You mentioned the change with tents this year any other COVID precautions we need to know about?

Yes, there is one other big one! (It’s almost as if I’m deliberately writing these questions in a way to get the information I need to across!) We require everyone attending who has to take a Lateral Flow test for attending school to have taken (and got a negative result) a Lateral Flow test either the morning of or the night before they come to camp. (If you need Lateral Flow Tests you can get them for free from the NHS here.) It is also recommended that you do one at the end of camp as well once returning home (and obviously report it to us if it doesn’t come back negative!) The other precaution as well is we ask that you bring a mask with you as well for use when you are inside (such as going to the toilet as well.) Obviously, this is one of the main changes for this year’s camp if you have any questions/concerns about any of this please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss it.

Is there not a chance the restrictions will of changed again by the time of camp?

Quite possibly! If the last year has taught us anything things can change and disrupt plans very suddenly! Having said with the current advice and where things seem to be going we are pretty confident that camp can run this year with these precautions in place baring a massive change in COVID guidelines. Of course though if things change we will update you when we know more!

So what will I actually need to bring with me for this camp?

Well along with the tent (if possible) mentioned above you will also need:

  • Something to sleep on/in
  • Change of clothes (including things with long sleeves/items that cover legs and decent shoes for running/walking)
  • Some waterproofs (hopefully not needed)
  • Swimming kit if you want to go swimming (please note this year you will probably have to get changed in your tent and walk-up. So bear that in mind as well.)
  • A water bottle (to save on us using plastic cups)
  • A torch (so you don’t do what I always do and trip over every guy rope in the entire campsite!)
  • A bible
  • Something to take notes with (if that’s the sort of thing you find helpful.)

Obviously, if you aren’t staying over the list changes a bit (probably don’t need the sleeping bag) but I would still make sure you bring things like the waterproofs as we will be outside all day.

Anything else that I need to know?

Only that because this year our festival service is going to be online again this year so unlike previous years we won’t be walking down for church on the Sunday so the plan is to do some activities/games in the morning and then finish with a lunchtime BBQ! (Basically just make sure your parents know to pick you up from Cloncaird, not the church!) Also, I’m aware most of you know where Cloncarid is but if not please message me for directions.

Isn’t there usually a theme for the camp as well?

You right there is! And this year’s theme is Prison Break! As we spend some time together thinking about what it means for us to have freedom in Christ and how that affects our day to day lives.(Not the mid-2000’s TV show, though, to be honest after the first season that went down in quality anyways.) We’ve got lots of cool plans games and challenges for this theme and can’t wait to share them with you! There might be a hint of one thing we are doing in this message somewhere. 😁

This all sounds great how do I book in?

Glad you asked! You can book in by going to www.sheet.church/campform (we are doing online booking only this year but if you have a problem with the system let me know.) If you could do this as soon as you can we would really appreciate it to help us with numbers for catering and planning. Ideally, if you are able to fill this form in by 12th July that would really help us (even if you aren’t sure about things like being able to stay over yet.) Having said that if you book in after that you are still more than welcome to come! Also, we ask for if possible a £15 donation for the 1st child in the family/ £10 donation for each subsequent child in the family to help cover costs. If you are happy to pay this then bring it with you to hand in on arrival but if that’s not possible at all then please don’t worry about it come and join in anyways!

Okay, so that (should) be everything you need to know about camp this year! But there is a very real chance that I’ve forgotten to mention something so if you have any questions please do ask me and will update this page with any more information as it comes in. I am so so excited to be able to actually do camp in person this year and really hope you can join us for at least some of it.

I look forward to seeing you all then!

David Loveless

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