Hi Everyone I hope you are all enjoying this Friday afternoon and looking forward to the fact that you have a week off from school. Speaking of this week off you might be looking at all of this free time thinking whatever shall I do with it? Well I have a suggestion for you!

This Thursday (28th) we have been challenged to a game of capture the flag by JAM (Hope church’s youth group) and we need to show them who is the best at this game (hint: that’s us.) For this epic showdown we will be once again at Cloncaird meeting from 1600 till 1730 all you need to bring is yourself, your cunning and wits, clothes for running around outside in and some food to share with the victors/losers at the end.

If you have any questions let me know and I look forward to seeing you for this epic battle! My the best team win!

David Loveless