Hi Everyone

It is a bit late notice but as it is half term we thought we would run a D&D session next Saturday (1st June) at mine from 1600 – 1800. If you would like a break from the revision I know a lot of you are having to do this half term it would be lovely to see you. There is no sign up form this time as it will be a lower key session (I’m aware lots of people are away) but if you would like to come and can drop me an email that would help a lot with planning. (If you don’t manage to beforehand, no worries feel free to show up on the day.) Also remember if you can bring a device with you that will make everything a lot easier as you will be able to see the details of what your character actually does.

Any questions let me know, I hope you manage to get some rest over half term and look forward to seeing you soon!

David Loveless