Hi Everyone

I’m aware as we move into what are the Easter holidays they are going to feel very strange to everyone this year as it’s not going to feel like things have changed in the way they normally do. To try and make it feel more like a holiday we are going to be doing some different things to celebrate this time of year and spend time hanging out together.

Firstly we of course despite looking different are still having Easter events:

5th April – Palm Sunday 10:00

Come join us as we mark the start of Easter week with our Palm Sunday service online at 10 am (www.sheet.church/youtube) and then Upper Room at 11 am on our Discord server.

 9th April – Maundy Thursday 18:00

Normally on Maundy Thursday we gather together as a church to have a meal together, obviously, that’s not going to happen this year but instead, we are going to gather on our Discord server to spend an hour praying and reflecting together as we move into the start of Easter Weekend. Come along and join!

10th April – Good Friday Service 15:30

Then on Friday we are having our together Good Friday service live streamed! (What could possibly go wrong with that!) Come and join in with worship, crafts and more as we mark Good Friday together. You can watch it all at http://www.sheet.church/goodfriday

11th April – SMART: What About The Church 17:00

Easter Saturday is a SMART Saturday and we are going to finish up looking at the Youth Alpha series about the church. What is it? Why is it important and what can it be doing in this very different time we find ourselves in.

12th April – Easter Sunday 10:00

Then we have our online Easter Sunday service! Come along and join in as we along with Christians all over the world celebrate Easter together!

I did say that we were going to have some socials as well here they are:

4th April – Minecraft 15:00 – 17:00

Tomorrow from when this goes out we are going to spend some time playing Minecraft together as a new way to hang out, catch up and support each other. If you want to join in you will need two things a copy of Minecraft Bedrock Edition (ie. PC from Windows Store, phone, tablet or console should work, please note we have not been able to test it yet so if it doesn’t sorry!) And you need to be on our Discord server as that is how will chat while playing it. If you don’t have Minecraft though don’t worry because we are also doing….

14th & 18th April – D&D 15:00 – 18:00

That’s right we had always planned to run a D&D session in Easter but with the current social distancing measures in place we are going to do it a bit differently. So here is how it is going to work we are going to run two separate sessions each of which will have one group in it. Rather than running two groups at a time like we normally do. To sign up click on the form below and fill in your details and if you can only make one of the dates offered. We will then end of next week email you with which session you are booked into. We are doing this to make it work online because as I am sure you can imagine having 15 people trying to talk all at once online would be problematic! Once again for this you will also need to be on our Discord server to join in and sign up at the link below.

Easter 2020 D&D Signup Page

Also, we will continue to have times of hanging out on the Discord as well playing some games on Jackbox along with possibly some other Minecraft sessions (depending how it all goes.) Apart from the ones mentioned above our regular groups are going to stop meeting for two weeks over the holidays before starting back up again but we will still have our weekly prayer meeting (Tuesdays 16:00 – 17:00) and some other bits and pieces that I will let you know once I’ve confirmed it.

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe any questions & things we can do to help please do let us know.

We are praying for you all and know that you are amazing and loved always. 🙂

God Bless

David Loveless