We are an Eco Church!

In recent years Sheet church has been working towards an EcoChurch Award, provided by A Rocha, an environmental charity which our church supports financially. This involves addressing various targets, which build up towards a bronze, silver and then gold award.

In May 2021 we were proud to be awarded our bronze award, and are now making good progress, working towards silver. This will involve the whole congregation playing their part!


A Rocha Eco Church categories:

  • Worship & teaching
  • Buildings
  • Land
  • Community and global engagement
  • Lifestyle

Targets we are currently addressing:


Calculate our carbon footprint and set reduction targets.
Explore the use of recycled paper in the church office.


Explore the possibility of participating in a local tree-planting scheme.
Undertake a wildlife survey on church land.

 Community & Global Engagement:

Display notices in church, encouraging energy reduction – eg turning off lights etc.
Actively promote EcoChurch to other local churches.


Explore holding a reuse/exchange of goods event, eg a give-and-take stall.
Plan how best to encourage reduction of car use to church.