Hi Everyone

Apologies that this has gone out later than usual turns out it helps to post messages if you actually click on the post button… 🤦‍♂️

Anyways I hope that the week so far has been okay and you are looking forward to having a couple of days break. As it’s getting near the end of the week I thought I would share another piece of music that helps us relax and focus which is the theme to Jurassic Park but slowed down 1000%.

Sounds like a really dumb idea I know but it actually sounds really good and helps you relax after a long day you can listen to it here.


Enjoy and as always remember that you are amazing and loved, that you have loads of people behind you supporting you and praying for you and you have got this! I’m sure I’ll see you during the week but if you have anything, in particular, you would like prayer for/chat about I am always around to buy you some sort of smoothy cooler thing from Costa and listen to any anger, stress, confusion or just generally wanting to talk.

If there is any help that you need please do let me know.

Go Gently

David Loveless