Hi Everyone

I hope that your week is going okay and that you are managing to enjoy at least some of the beautiful weather and the fact there are only two more days left before half term! Today’s reflection is a very short piece of music which is simply the word ‘Christ’ sung over and over again. My encouragement for you today is to use this as a way to give yourself some space to pray or just enjoy the music and relax to it what ever you feel comfortable with.

You can listen to it here:

Christ Meditation

Enjoy and as always remember that you are amazing and loved, that you have loads of people behind you supporting you and praying for you and you have got this! I’m sure I’ll see you during the week but if you have anything, in particular, you would like prayer for/chat about I am always around to buy you some sort of smoothy cooler thing from Costa and listen to any anger, stress, confusion or just generally wanting to talk.

If there is any help that you need please do let me know.

Go Gently

David Loveless