Prayer Resources for Worship at Home

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In this season in which we have to do church differently, without meeting together to worship, here are some resources to help us spend time with God in different ways.

Some of us will have more time on our hands and more time on our own than we are used to or perhaps would like. But, as ever, God wants to bring good out of what is bad and this gives us the opportunity to grow in our spiritual life. This may well come through developing a new pattern of daily prayer and experiencing different sorts of worship. There’s quite a range of things here, why not ask God to guide you, try a few out and see what most helps you at the moment?


We’re streaming a short service from Sheet Church  at each Sunday at 10:00am  You don’t need a Youtube account to view it and we hope as many of us as possible will watch it together and join in at home.

There’s also the opportunity to join with worship from other churches with different styles:-

Portsmouth Cathedral will be live-streaming some services, and you will find details on their website.

If you prefer less traditional, Holy Trinity Brompton will also be broadcasting Sunday services; you can find the links on their website: .

There’s also a recent talk by Nicky Gumbel, ‘Choose faith not fear’ which I found helpful in responding to Covid-19

Daily Prayer

The Church of England’s Time to Pray app is available free on apple and android and gives liturgical worship and Bible readings for two sessions of prayer each day.  The Daily Prayer app gives full morning and evening prayer and night prayer for each day.

We are encouraged to pray every day. Please pray as you are led but in particular for our nation and our world, for health workers, those working in schools and other key workers, for breakthroughs in producing vaccines and treatments and for those who are hardest hit by the pandemic: poorer communities and those who have lost their jobs or been furloughed as well as the clinically vulnerable and bereaved. A prayer leaflet from the Archbishops was circulated with the SheetSheet but can also be found by clicking here.

For our suggestions of various prayer resource

There are more (and an increasing number of) resources from the Church of England here.

The Lectio 365 app from 24-7 prayer gives Bible inspired ideas for a 10 minute (or longer) prayer moment each day. You can either read or listen to the readings being read. Available free on apple or android devices.

The Bible Society has resources to help get to grips with the Bible here

BIOY  Bible in One Year.   Three Bible readings each day, one from a Psalm or Proverb, one from the New Testament & one from the Old Testament. Plus short commentary.  You choose which bits you use but if you read all the Bible passages you will cover the whole Bible in one year of reading. The Bible readings can be read to you by David Niven or you can read them yourself.  Available free on apple or android devices or can be purchased as a book.

There are creative ideas for worship at and daily prayer and worship activities especially designed for families.

Or, if you’ve more time on your hands than usual you could consider doing the prayer course online on your own or with a group of friends online. (Already done by some of our home groups.) It offers videos and tools to deepen prayer life.

Youversion Bible. Free to download on apple or android or to read at Youversion lets you read the Bible in  multiple versions. It can also provide you with a daily reading plan and enables you to invite friends so you can study as a group.


A prayer

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious,
be with those who care for the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love