Getting Married at St Mary Magdalen Sheet

Rings on a Bible.We know we’re biased but we think that the church is a great place to get married! Not only is the setting beautiful but there is something good about making your vows before God as well as friends and family. We want to do everything we can to make your wedding the best it can be and to support you before, during and after the day. If you are interested in getting married at St Mary Magdalen please contact our parish administrator who will arrange for one of the clergy to meet with you. As the day approaches, we will help you to plan and rehearse the service and to prepare for your new life together as husband and wife. Whether you decide to have your wedding in church or not, we think it’s very good that you are planning to get married and we would like to support you in any way we can before and after the day.

Here are some questions people often have about getting married in church.

Who can get married at St Mary Magdalen?
Anyone who:

  • Lives or has ever lived in the parish for six months or more. See the parish boundary here
  • Has ever worshipped regularly at St Mary Magdalen for six months or more.
  • Was baptised or confirmed at St Mary Magdalen.
  • Has parents who have lived in the parish in your lifetime.
  • Has parents who have ever worshipped regularly at St Mary Magdalen.
  • Has parents or grandparents who were married at St Mary Magdalen.

Do you have to have been baptised to get married in church?

How much does it cost?
A full church wedding including organist and choir costs £656 in 2019.

What if I’m divorced?
It is still sometimes possible to get married in church so please talk to the vicar.

There’s more information about church weddings at