Hi Everyone

Sorry for all the messages today (this should be the final one!) But wanted to get this one out there ASAP for anyone who wants to join in with the singing or playing an instrument for the service on Sunday.

We are only recording one new song this time (we are going to re-use some of the ones we recorded before) and the new one we are recording is – Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone.

If you haven’t sung or played before for one of these online services and would like to here is how it works.

  1. Download the backing track either the one with a metronome on it or the one without. (Up to you whichever you find easier.)
  2. Record/film yourself singing/playing along with. Make sure to wear headphones so we can’t hear the backing track ideally film in landscape and don’t worry about it being perfect (we are going for more of a live feel here.) Use whatever equipment you have to access to (using a phone is fine) but make sure the sound quality is okay (people notice bad sound way more than bad visuals.) If you record the video and audio separately please include a clap at the beginning that’s obviously visible and audible to help me sync up the two file. (Don’t worry I will edit it out.) Musical Note – If you are an instrumentalist record yourself from the beginning of the track (to make it easier to sync everything up) but please only come in with your instrument at the start of the second verse so we have a quieter start. If you are a singer obviously start singing when the singing starts on the track.
  3. Upload it to the dropbox folder here by Friday evening (19th) any later than that and we won’t have time to include it in the service and use it.

If you have any technical issues with any of it let me know and I will try and help out as well though obviously the sooner you ask more the more chance is we can do something to fix it. I hope that all makes sense if you have questions about it please let me know and I look forward to seeing what you guys contribute. 😀

God Bless

David Loveless