Hi Everyone

I hope your week is going well so far just a quick update about a few things going on as we work out what our youth work looks like online.

Firstly we have now set up an online prayer room for people to leave prayer requests and to use in there in prayer times praying for others you can find it here:


There is no account required and only leave your name if you want to also feel free to use images etc to add to your prayers where approiate. We will then meet once a week (probably Monday afternoons still confirming that part) on our discord prayer-room voice channel to spend some time praying together both for things on the board and other things as they come up.

Secondly we are also trying to release a short video reflection each week to help us find some space to spend time with God and to help our prayer life more the first one has gone up today you can see it here:

Lastly tomorrow we have both RISE & YA happening. These are our weekly bible study groups and for those of you who can’t usually make them they are a really good time of hanging out reading the bible together and supporting each other.

RISE is for anyone who is in secondary school will meet at 4pm

YA is for anyone who is in Sixth form/College will meet at 7pm

And yes I know no-one is in those at the moment but it’s a quicker way to say the rough ages for each group!

Lastly we have been doing some more work on the Youth Discord as well as a general chat area there is now a space for people to access the Online Prayer Room a list of prayer and worship resources that we will update with new ones as we find it. Also I know a lot of you enjoy making things (art, writing, videos etc…) and making them together so we have made a creative text channel on there for you to share things you make with each other and also to talk and collaborate with each other even if you are all home. Hope it helps!

If you aren’t part of the server and you would like to be you can find out more information here:

Youth Discord Server

I hope that all makes sense I hope to have a more formal program and list timings out soon with this new way of doing things just still working out some of the details/timings/tech behind it all but we will have Nosta on Friday and SMART on Saturday with more information to follow soon!

Any questions/thoughts/anything you need please let me know and I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

God Bless

David Loveless