Serving Mulled Wine For Crib Services

Hi Everyone

I hope that you are all enjoying having now finished school for the year and getting ready for Christmas! I’ve mentioned this before but we have been asked to served mulled wine between the two crib services this year.

This will involve some setup from 14:15 before the first service and then serving people between the two services (between 16:00 & 16:30) and a little bit of clean up afterwards so would be done by 17:00 at the latest.

I’m aware that this is all happening on Christmas Eve! But if you are around even for just some of that time it would be great to have you come along and help out and celebrate with the rest of the church.

If you can’t don’t worry but if you can help out if you could let me know (just so I know what numbers we have) and then we will go from there!


David Loveless