SMART In Person Returns This Saturday!!!

Hi Everyone

Exciting news this Saturday (24th) from 17:00 – 19:00 we are going to have a session of SMART at Cloncaird! (I know what a weird idea!) Obviously, it’s going to be a bit different from a usual SMART though to keep everyone safe so here is what you need to know:

0 – Book yourself in for the session

While we don’t have quite the same number limitations with meeting as we have done in the past we still need you to book in beforehand so we have a rough idea of numbers and have list of attendees for track and track you can do that here –

1 – We will start by meeting in the back garden

While we can and will (see further down this message) spend some time indoors we are going to start by playing some games outside so when you arrive come and join us in the back garden by going through the gate on the right-hand side of the house.

2 – We will be outside

We are going to start off playing games outside. The weather looks good this Saturday but just make sure you are wearing clothes you are happy to run around outside in.

3 – But we will also be inside

We are now able to meet inside as well as long as we follow social distancing guidelines, this means that you will need to bring a mask (which will need to be worn indoors) with you and ideally some of your own hand sanitiser as well. (We will have some if you don’t have any but it saves a massive queue if you bring your own.)  While we will be indoors like at your schools we will have windows and doors open for ventilation so bear that in mind. Also we still won’t have great access to a toilet even though we are indoors so make sure you go before you arrive!

4 – We still can’t eat together

This won’t come as surprise to any of you but we can’t do a shared meal together still so we aren’t going to have a time to eat food like we normally do at a SMART session so don’t bring any  food with you.

5 – That’s all you need to know

That should be everything you need to know about this coming session of SMART if you have any questions at all about any of it please don’t hesitate to ask and I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday for the first face to face session of SMART at Cloncarid in over a year!

God Bless

David Loveless