Hi Everyone

To make the start of a new term we are going to have another socially distanced picnic in the woods at Cloncaird from 13:00 to 14:30 Saturday 5th September. If you didn’t come before this is how these picnics work.

When you arrive don’t go through the house or the garden but rather down the path the left-hand side of the house (using the separate driveway.) If you arrive at the same time as other people then please wait to give them space to head down before you do. We will then all be meeting in the clearing in the woods where we will each sit socially distanced apart from each other (so bring your own blanket/chair) with our lunches and there we can hang out and chat. The aim is we aren’t going to go into the house at all so crucially it might be worth going to the toilet before you leave home to come and bring anything you need with you! Also short of cataclysmic thunderstorms we will still be meeting even if it’s raining a bit (I’ve checked the weather it really shouldn’t!) So if it looks like it might rain bring an umbrella!

I hope that all makes sense if you have any questions please let me know and look forward to seeing you soon!

See you Saturday!

David Loveless