Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well we have loads of great stuff happening this week! Read on to find out more:

Coffee @ Costa – 07/12/18

Starts: 14:30
Ends: 17:30
Location: Costa, Coffee Petersfield (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
Once again we are in Costa for drinks, games & catching up. If you are in town come and join us and relax at the end of the school week.

SMART: Nativity – 08/12/18

Starts: 17:00
Ends: 20:00
Location: Cloncaird (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
This week at SMART we are doing something a bit different and watching a film about the Nativity to help us remember the story as we journey through Advent on the way to Christmas. So come and join us for the usual mix of food and games as we watch this film together. Please note that means there is no SMART+ this week but we are finishing later at 8 so we have enough time to watch the film together. (Parents please note the film is rated PG but there is obviously a birth scene in it!) Any questions about this let me know and looking forward to seeing everyone there!

YA: Love God – 13/12/18

Starts: 19:00
Ends: 20:45
Location: My House (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
It all comes down to this. In some ways this all seems so simple and yet at the same time can be so complicated! What does loving God look like in our day to day lives not just church on a Sunday? Does it even matter? Come and join us for food, fun, games, discussion and more as we wrap up this terms topic of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

And that’s it for this week as always if you have any questions let me know and I look forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless

David Loveless