Hi Everyone

Hope you are having a great week and you haven’t melted in the heat (I am currently writing this with a fan blowing at my face) we have no SMART this week but lots of other things are still happening read on to find out more:

Coffee @ Costa

Firstly this Friday (3rd July) as always we will be in Costa in town from 14:30 – 17:30 if you are in town come along and say hi (if nothing else they have air conditioning and cold drinks!) It would be great to see you hang out and play some games looking forward to seeing you then.

Max is getting Ordained

Then on Saturday (4th July) while we have no SMART we do have our curate Max Cross getting ordained (ie – becoming a proper vicar) this is happening down at Portsmouth Cathedral and some of us are going down to support him if you would like to join us for this let us know and we can sort out transport.

Upper Room – God As A Woman

Then on Sunday (5th July) we are going to be looking at the idea of looking at God as a woman. So often when we think of God we think of a bearded man in the sky but God is so much bigger than that so what happens if we think of God as a woman? Come along on Sunday to find out and for a sneak preview watch this video below:

If you around Sunday morning we would love to see you, please remember as it’s a morning praise service we will start in church at 10:00 before heading down to the village hall see you then!

Well that’s everything except for a quick reminder that if you haven’t got your form for camp to me yet please can you do asap we would really appreciate it I hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you over the next couple of days!

God Bless

David Loveless