Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well we have loads of great stuff happening this week! Read on to find out more:

SMART: Women In The Bible: Rahab – 23/02/19

Starts: 17:00
Ends: 19:00
Location: Cloncaird (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
What do you think of when you think role models in the bible? Do you think of someone who was a prostitute and betrayed the people she lived with? That dosen’t sound like a normal heroine but Rahab is an important figure in the bible and the story of the Jewish people. Come along and join us for the usual games and food and learn more about how God can use anyone no matter who they are and sometimes we close off who God is with because of our preconcieved notions

SMART+: Women In The Bible: Rahab – 23/02/19

Starts: 19:00
Ends: 20:00
Location: Cloncaird (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
Then join us for SMART+ as we look more at the story of Rahab and how it impacts our lives today.

Youth Led Service – 24/02/19

Starts: 10:00
Ends: 11:30
Location: Sheet Church (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
It’s that time of the term again when we are having our next youth led service this time all about not taking shortcuts as we continue to look at the story of David and lead the congregation in worship and listening to God. Hopefully if you want to be part of this you already know what you are doing for it but if not and if you have only just decided you want to do something please email me ASAP and we will get it sorted!

And that’s it for this week as always if you have any questions let me know and I look forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless

David Loveless