Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well we have loads of great stuff planned for this week. Read on to find out more:

YA: Gods Calling – 11/05/17

Starts: 19:00
Ends: 20:45
Location: My House (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
Do you think God is calling you to do something? Do you think he could ever do that? How would you even know? That’s what along with the usual mix of food and hanging out we are looking at in YA this week so come along and find out what this idea of God calling us could mean for you.

Coffee @ Costa – 12/05/17

Starts: 14:30
Ends: 17:30
Location: Costa, Coffee Petersfield (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
As always we are in Costa on Friday afternoons, so come along to hang out, relax and have a drink with us to catch up and finish off the week.

SMART: Caring For Creation – 13/05/17

Starts: 17:00
Ends: 19:00
Location: Cloncaird (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
This term at SMART we are thinking about what it means to look after the world around us. Should we even do it? If we should what could we even do? Come and join us for the usual mix of fun, games and food as we start to look more at this topic. As always remember to bring clothes for being outside (weather permitting) and if you can some food to share.

Upper Room: Chosen – 14/05/17

Starts: 10:00
Ends: 11:25
Location: Sheet Church/Village Hall (Message me for details)

What’s Happening?
We talk about how we are chosen by God but what does that actually mean? Chosen to do what? Why where we the ones chosen? That’s what we are looking at this week in the Upper Room so come along and join in with the discussion along with the usual mix of fun and games. As usual we will start in Church before then heading down the village hall.

And that’s it for this week as always if you have any questions let me know and I look forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless

David Loveless