Hi Everyone

I hope you are having a good week so far we have so so many things happening this week! Read on to find out more!

YA: Name (10th March)

Firstly on Thursday we have our next session this week as we are looking at who God has called us to be and how he sees us.  So come along for food, to hang out and to discuss and think more about this amazing topic. As always we are at my house from 19:00 – 20:45 and if you a can a snack/dessert to share along with the main meal (spag bol this week.)

Coffee @ Costa (11th March)

Then on Friday we are once again at Costa from 14:30 – 17:30 come along for a bit to hang out, have a drink and just generally chill and relax at the end of a long week.

SMART – Internet Evangelism (12th March)

Then Saturday brings us our next session of SMART! This time we are looking at how we can share our faith online and have good discussions online. Is it even possible? Come along and find out along with the usual mix of fun, games & food. As usual we are meeting at Cloncaird from 17:00 – 19:00 and just bring yourself some food to share and clothes for being outdoors (weather dependent.)

Upper Room – Christ Our Life (13th March)

Then the first of two things happening on Sunday is Upper Room. This time we are looking at Christ Our Life, how can our faith be part of our life? Should it be part of it? All this and more on Sunday morning starting in church at 10:00 before finishing in the village hall around 11:20.

Praise & Testimony Evening (13th March)

Also on Sunday evening we have another special event and that is a praise & testimony evening. This will be a time of us getting together, worshipping God and hearing stories from people about what he is done in their lives. This is going to be really fun event if you want to come along then we are meeting in church from 18:00 come along and be part of it!

And that’s everything for this week so many good things happening! As always if you have any questions please do let me know and I look forward to seeing you all over the next few days.

God Bless

David Loveless