Hi Guys

I hope you are all having a good week we have so many exciting things happening this week that we are going to get straight into it!

Youth Alpha (1st October)

That’s right this week is the start our brand new youth alpha group! For those who haven’t heard about this yet you can find out all the details here, but the short version is this is a new group for years 8 and up where we will meet each week have a meal together and then spend relaxing on sofas and chatting about different big questions. This is about us spending time together, having fun and discovering what we think about different things and I am so excited for it. Youth Alpha is always amazing and so much fun and I can’t wait for it to start this Thursday. If you are in year 8 and up come along and find out what it’s all about! For those who haven’t seen it you can see a trailer for it here:

We will be meeting a my house (if you don’t know the address drop me a email to get it) from 19:00 till 20:30 and all you need to bring is yourself. If you are planning to come and haven’t already let me  know please can you let me know (to make catering easier) but if you don’t know until the day that’s okay just show up there will be plenty of food for everyone!

Open Logo 2

Then on Saturday (3rd October) from 18:00 till 19:00 at church we have our next }OPEN{ service. This month we are going to be looking at Grace and Worship and how Gods grace is vital part of our worship. We have really fun time planned with lots of things to do, fairy lights, food, a gazebo and Jack speaking to us. Come along to find our more and what God is saying to us. Especially if you’ve never been to a }OPEN{ service before they are a lot of fun!

Upper Room (4th October)

After }OPEN{ on the Saturday we then have our next session of Upper Room on Sunday. This Sunday is our Harvest service and we will be looking at what is Harvest all about and what does it mean to us when we don’t harvest things anymore? As always we will be playing games, eating food and having lot of fun so come and join us. We start at 10:00 in church and finish at 11:15 in the village hall.

Coffee @ Costa (2nd October)

Last but definitely not least this Friday once again we are in Costa. Come along to hang out, play games and catch up after a long week!

Well that’s all the news for this week we have so much happening this week and I am really excited for all of it if you have any questions as always please do get in touch and I look forward to seeing you soon!

God Bless

David Loveless