Vision Statement and Values

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Used with permission: Vision

We want to express our love for God

  • in heartfelt traditional and contemporary worship
  • in growth to Christian maturity by the power of the Spirit
  • in caring for God’s creation

We want to express our love for people

  • in passing on the faith to the next generation
  • in sharing the Good News with individuals, with our local communities and in our workplaces
  • in making a difference for the poor, marginalised or suffering

Our Values

Word and Spirit

We Want to:-

  • hear and live out Bible-based teaching relevant to our daily experience
  • listen to and be empowered by God’s Spirit as individuals and as a Church
  • be motivated and shaped by our faith in Christ and his love for the world


We Want to:-

  • be active and visible participants as a Church in our local community
  • live out the particular calling we each have to make Christ known in the world through our everyday lives
  • help others discover the good news of Jesus and encounter the love of God both locally and further afield
  • pass the faith on to the next generation
  • bring God’s love to people in acts of service
  • support projects which make a difference for those who have the least
  • care for God’s creation and work with others to bring renewal to the earth

Used with permission:

We Want to:-

  • welcome new people joining us, irrespective of age, status or background


We Want to:-

  • worship from our hearts and so experience the love of God
  • pray, believing God often waits for us to ask before he acts
  • pray with and for other people, believing this to be an important means by which the Holy Spirit helps us to change, grow and find healing and wholeness

Church Community, growth and discipleship

We Want to:-

  • enjoy good relationships, accepting one another with the love of Jesus
  • care for one another and create a community of people who live for Jesus, each one offering and developing their own gifts
  • fulfil our potential in Christian character and service, accepting the cost
  • enable one another to live out our faith and individual calling
  • develop small-group fellowship as a means of support, encouragement, and teaching
  • make particular provision for children and teenagers


We Want to:-

  • encourage each person in our Church to contribute finance, time and abilities to our work, as far as they are able


We Want to:-

  • communicate clearly with one another
  • foster teamwork and encourage all members of the Church to be involved in our mission