Hi Everyone

I hope you are having a great half term!

As you know this Sunday we are having the youth led service again and some of you have been asking about timings, songs etc.

So firstly here are the songs in the keys we are doing them in here:

icon_10_pdf_list.pngyouth Led November 2019

They are all ones we have done before so should all be fine if you would like the melody lines for them and don’t already have them please let me know.

Timings wise if you are in the band then can we get there for 0900 please if you are doing something else in the service then 0930.

Lastly we still need someone to do the reading and prayers for Sunday so if you fancy doing that let me know!

Hope that all makes sense any questions let me know and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday if not before!

God Bless