Hey Everyone

As you know this week we are doing the 24/7 prayer thing we have been doing for the last few years but this time with a twist! That’s because this time we are running it with the other churches in Petersfield and we are running it in a shop on the high street!

As part of this we have booked out the shop for this Friday (7th) evening for a chance for us to use it, to celebrate together and also to give us some space to reflect and relax in the midst of exams. As the heading says we will be there from 1900 – 2100 and if you can join us for the whole time and even just some of it, it would be amazing to see you and to pray for the area around us.

If the idea of coming along to this sort of thing seems strange to you or your not sure about this praying idea at all I would encourage you to come along these spaces are always really special and it will be a great way to get some space at the end of a long week and if you think of anyone else you would enjoy this feel free to invite them along as well!

You can see some pictures and more general info about the prayer shop here:

Pop up Prayer Shop

I’m really looking forward to this will be a lot of fun!

See you Friday!

David Loveless