Hi Everyone

As you know September is the time of year where we redo all our permission slips and forms for the youth work. This year rather than doing paper forms which take a while to get out to people, get back in to me and sort we are doing an online signup.

So if you go to – sheet.church/youthsignup you will see a form there to fill in with your details. 2 quick things you need to make sure that it is your parent who does this and they are happy to fill in the form with the information. Secondly obviously we are trying this system for the first time and while we have tested it a lot bugs can happen so any problems let me know and we will sort them out. If for some reason you can’t or aren’t happy with using the online form that’s fine just let me know and I will get a paper one to you.

Hope that all makes sense any questions let me know and once again the signup link should be at the bottom of each email I send but it is sheet.church/youthsignup

See you soon!
God Bless

David Loveless