Hi Everyone

I hope you are having a good half-term and managing to find some time to relax and enjoy the time off even if this week may not feel that different from the week before.

I wanted to quickly message you all to let you know about a video we are making, some socials and special Saturday Praise & Prayer event.

Youthwork Video

Firstly the video as some of you know if you watched the service on Sunday My job is all funded by generous giving from the church and we are making an appeal to encourage people to give for this. As part of this, it would be amazing to hear your voices about what the youth work has done for you and to share that with the church this Sunday. So if you are willing to record a short video of yourself this week just answering the question:

How has the youth work helped you in the past year?

And then send it to me using the dropbox at this address:


I would really appreciate it don’t worry about it being a great essay just a quick simple answer is fine and if as many of you could do this as possible that would be great. If you are up for doing this I will need the videos by 1pm Saturday 30th May so that we can get them into the service the next day. If you have any questions about this let me know.

Half Term Socials

Thank-you to everyone who voted on our Discord server for what socials to run over half term and from the results of that we are going to do the following things –

28th May 19:00 – 21:00 Movie Night

This Thursday we are going to watch a movie over Zoom together. So bring some snacks to hang out in the discord movie night channel so we can chat while watching the movie and chill out together. Wondering what movie we are watching? Well you can have a say on that as well. Check the movie night discord channel for a poll to vote on which film we watch!

30th May 15:00 – 17:00 Minecraft Hang-Out

Then Saturday we have another Minecraft Hang-Out again for this you will need to be part of our Discord server as that is how we chat with each other while playing as well as find the joining information. Reminder PS4 is sadly still not working but any other version of Minecraft should be fine.

Saturday Praise & Prayer 17:00 – 18:00 (30th)

Then immediately after the Minecraft social, we are having a time of celebration to mark our week (plus a couple of days of prayer) come and join us as we celebrate this together. The link for the Zoom meeting will be on our discord server.

Okay I think that is everything happening this week! Any questions let me know and I look forward to seeing you and if you can please do record that stuff for the youthwork video as well!

Speak to you soon.

David Loveless